We love being your local Lexus dealers near Green Cove Springs, FL. We get to meet new people and greet returning clients at our Lexus dealership every day. And we get to share people’s exhilaration when they slip into the driver’s seat of one of our luxury vehicles. While those things are truly enjoyable, sharing news about Lexus vehicles is a ton of fun too.

One premium automobile we’re excited to tell you about is the 2019 Lexus RC. For the new model year, the Lexus brand reimagined this popular sports coupe, and the automaker’s engineers and designers used the 2019 Lexus LC as their inspiration.

Since the Lexus RC was introduced back in 2014, the coupe has been a big part of the Lexus brand’s promotion of the emotional driving experience the car maker wants motorists to have behind wheel. Boasting aggressive styling and plenty of character and responsiveness, the Lexus RC has become wildly popular with auto enthusiasts who prize performance and expert craftsmanship.

The reimagined 2019 Lexus RC retains all the characteristics that motorists loved about the previous iteration of the sports coupe. The interior was reworked to maximize driving pleasure, while the coupe’s aerodynamics, tires, suspension, and engine response were improved to provide a ride that’s noticeably sharper and more refined.

We’re excited to tell you that the 2019 Lexus RC is expected to make its global debut during the Paris Motor Show in October of this year. We’re also happy to tell you that, when you get a glimpse of the 2019 Lexus RC, you’ll instantly see why the Lexus brand describes the coupe as “an ideal companion” for drivers taking on a windy mountain roadway and motorists going on a long-distance trek.

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