Are you trying to think of a great way to jump start the new season this month? If so, we suggest you consider buying or leasing the 2018 Lexus IS, 2019 Lexus ES 350, or another one of our premium luxury vehicles for sale near St. Augustine, FL.

If you’re browsing our dealership for a new car, you may come across a few pieces of advice that have been circulating for years. At Lexus of Orange Park, however, we call those car buying myths.

One long-standing myth is to shop for a car when it’s raining. The idea here is that other people won’t visit car dealerships when the weather’s bad, so you’ll be the only potential buyer in the showroom. Because you’ll be the sole driver at the dealership, your salesperson will be desperate to make a sale and give you a great deal.

Regardless of whether you visit our Lexus dealership near St. Augustine, FL on a rainy or sunny day, you’ll see that we’re always happy to help motorists find and finance a new Lexus automobile.

Some people will also tell you that you should bring a cashier’s check with a pre-set amount filled in and show it to your salesperson as your best and final offer on a car. This myth can do more harm than good even if you’ve done a ton of research, as a dealership may have just rolled out a new special or other deal. Be patient and fill out your check after you’ve settled on a deal with your salesperson.

To learn more about car buying myths and the best practices for shopping our new or pre-owned car inventory, visit Lexus of Orange Park today.