Are you looking for a new vehicle and considering a pre-owned Lexus instead? You’ll be pleased to see, there are so many perks to buying a pre-owned Lexus at Lexus of Orange Park. Here are five reasons choosing a pre-owned Lexus vehicle might be right for you.

They’re More Affordable

The biggest benefit of buying pre-owned vehicles is, undeniably, their cost. In fact, you can save thousands by purchasing a pre-owned vehicle rather than its new counterpart.

There Might Be More Options Available

When you’re shopping with a limited budget, you can often feel like your options are limited too. However, there are pre-owned vehicles for budgets of almost every size, often giving you more choices when you shop.

You Can Get the Amenities You Want

While all Lexus vehicles are refined and luxurious, their optional features and amenities are practically limitless. When you want a top-of-the-line model, but are concerned about the price tag, consider a pre-owned vehicle instead.

The Added Costs are More Affordable

When it comes to vehicles, your car payment is just the beginning of your expenses. A lot of a vehicle’s added costs are based on its value, such as insurance and registration. So, by buying a more affordable vehicle, you can also save on these additional costs.

They Don’t Depreciate as Quickly

Vehicles can lose up to 20 percent of their value in just the first year alone. This is one of the main reasons that pre-owned vehicles are more affordable. This can also make them a smarter purchase since you’ll get to avoid that big drop in value.

Buy a Pre-Owned Lexus in Orange Park, FL Today

Ready to take advantage of all of these pre-owned perks? As an added benefit, we also have an array of pre-owned Lexus specials to take advantage of too. Stop in and see us at Lexus of Orange Park to shop today!