We don’t have the typical stormy spring showers in Jacksonville — they can get downright turbulent. Still, spring is one of the most beautiful times of year here. We encourage you to schedule Lexus service at Lexus of Orange Park to get ready for all the sunshine and festival fun.

Change Your Oil

Every vehicle has a recommended oil change schedule. However, it’s important to regularly check your engine oil to make sure it’s at an adequate level and see if it needs an oil change sooner.

Replace Your Windshield Wipers

With over 50 inches of rain per year, typically during the summer, it’s still important to prepare for rain in Jacksonville. We recommend you replace your windshield wipers each spring to prepare for the rainy season ahead.

Inspect Your Brakes

It’s also important to inspect your brakes ahead of the rainy season. You want to make sure they don’t have any unusual wear or aren’t overdue for servicing. If your brake pads have become too thin, you’ll also want to replace them.

Test Your Battery

We also recommend that you routinely test your battery to ensure that it’s reliable. They can become strained from extreme temperatures, and you want to ensure it’s ready for the warm summer months.

Check Your AC System

Is your air conditioning system ready for our warmest months too? You want to make sure to have it tested before it gets too uncomfortably hot out. If you haven’t recently, it’s also important to have your AC serviced so it continues to run efficiently.

Schedule Spring Service at Our Jacksonville, FL Dealership Today

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