Even though we don’t see freezing temperatures often during the winter near our Florida Lexus dealership, we know many area residents will travel to regions that do before winter’s end. With this in mind, we thought it would be a good idea to provide some tips about how you can get your car to start when it’s freezing outside.

Whether your drive a 2017 Lexus IS or an older vehicle, the best way to ensure your car will start when it’s cold outside is to maintain your automobile. If everything is in good condition, modern cars are designed to start within an engine revolution or two even when it’s freezing outside.

In addition to keeping up with your car’s routine maintenance schedule, you should have your battery and charging system checked by the factory-trained technicians in our Lexus service center. This is particularly important if your battery is three years-old or older. You should make sure you’re using the grade of oil your car’s manufacturer recommends as well.

When it’s freezing outside, your battery isn’t as effective as it is when it’s warmer and your engine needs to crank a higher load because your oil is thicker. After three years, your battery will have lost a portion of its initial reserve capacity and extreme cold can further reduce the capacity it still has by more than a third.

When you bring your car into our Lexus service center, our technicians will test your battery and check your oil and they’ll look over your alternator and charging system, too. They’ll examine your battery terminals and cables and ensure they’re clean and in good condition as well.

A lot goes into making sure your vehicle will start in the extreme cold. Luckily, we can do it all for you at our Lexus dealership. Make an appointment to bring your car into our Lexus service center near St. Augustine, FL now.