Being Lexus dealers near Green Cove Springs, FL, we’re thrilled to tell you that the December to Remember Sales Event is back! We’re equally happy to tell you that the Lexus brand is celebrating the return of this exciting sales event with some unforgettable commercials that are sure to warm your heart.

This is the 18th time the brand we represent has celebrated the holiday season with the December to Remember Sales Event and we hope this tradition continues for many years to come. To kick off this year’s sales event, the Lexus brand introduced three new commercials that are meant to remind every adult to unleash their inner child with a new Lexus vehicle topped off with an oversized red bow.

“A holiday filled with laughter and fun can bring out the kid in all of us,” said Cooper Ericksen, Lexus vice president of marketing. “This year, the Lexus December to Remember campaign reminds adults that holiday surprises – such as the delight of our iconic red bow – are still possible.”

The commercials being aired by the Lexus brand include one that shows a young boy dancing, another that shows a little girl encountering her best friend for the first time, and a final spot that shows a boy jumping and dancing for joy. In each ad, viewers will hear a key fob. At that moment, it’s revealed that the child in each commercial is actually a grown-up experiencing child-like excitement with their new Lexus car that’s adorned with a big red bow. During these spots, you’ll hear the familiar December to Remember jingle and a reminder that “nothing brings out your inner child like the holidays.”

The December to Remember Sales Event runs through January 2, 2018. So, hurry into Lexus of Orange Park and celebrate the child-like joy you can only experience with one of our new Lexus cars in your driveway.