Do you have an interest in getting one of the new or pre-owned Lexus vehicles on our lot? Whether you buy a new or previously-owned luxury ride from our Lexus dealership near Fruit Cove, FL, you’ll need to make sure your power steering system remains in good condition. If the system malfunctions or fails, you might not be able to steer your car, which can create an extremely dangerous situation on the road.

Power Steering System Warning Signs

If you’ve ever experienced the unexpected death of a car battery, then you know firsthand that some car parts don’t always give any indication that their end is near. Luckily, that’s usually not the case with power steering systems. In general, a power steering system will give at least one sign that it’s in trouble before its performance is compromised.

Here are some signs that indicate it’s time to bring your automobile into our Jacksonville, FL Lexus service center as soon as possible:

  • Your vehicle pulls to the right or left.
  • The steering wheel feels looser or tighter than usual.
  • You’re having difficulty turning the steering wheel or it requires more effort than it used to.
  • You notice your steering wheel vibrates when your car is idling.
  • Your power steering fluid is a different color or bubbles appear.
  • You notice evidence that your power steering fluid is leaking wherever you park.
  • Your car emits a whine, squeal, or groan when you make a turn.

Have you noticed any of the indicators just mentioned? If so, we encourage you to make your way over to Lexus of Orange Park so our factory-trained technicians can fix your power steering system before more expensive repairs are needed. Don’t delay, stop by today!