Motorists searching for a new Lexus are invited to our convenient location to check out our new Lexus models for sale in our Jacksonville, FL Lexus showroom. Once you decide which luxury vehicle you want to get, you still have one more decision to make – should you lease or buy the automobile you’re interested in?

Knowing what you’ll need to do to prepare for the end of a lease will help you decide if leasing is the right move for you. That’s because preparing for the end of your contract pretty much starts when you initially sign the relevant paperwork.

Every lease includes certain provisions you have to abide by to avoid costly penalties when the contract expires. You need to keep your car in good condition, for example, and avoid exposing it to excessive wear and tear. To do those things, you should keep up with your vehicle’s routine maintenance schedule throughout the duration of your lease. By adhering to your routine maintenance schedule, you’ll be in a better position to defend the condition of your automobile when your lease is up.

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Your lease will also include limits regarding the maximum number of miles you can drive without having to pay a penalty. From the moment you sign your contract, make a commitment to avoid exceeding the allotted number of miles. If you’re close to exceeding the mileage limit near the end of your lease, you may want to return your leased car early or rent a different vehicle for any long trips you have planned.

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