At Lexus of Orange Park, we offer only the best in new and pre-owned Lexus vehicles. Our dealership has a vast selection of luxury vehicles in Florida for you to choose from, and our on-site service center is here to help with any service needs you may have, from regular maintenance to larger repairs.  

We know your top goal is to keep your pre-owned Lexus in the best shape possible. There are several ways to make sure your Lexus is well-maintained throughout its lifespan. Here are some tips on maintaining your luxury car. 

Keep Up with Routine Maintenance  

Any luxury car owner knows that routine maintenance is key to ensuring your vehicle stays in tip-top shape. Here’s a list of basic upkeep tasks you should be visiting our dealership’s Lexus service center for on a regular basis.  

Oil Changes 

An oil change should be performed every three to six months to ensure your engine’s moving parts are well-lubricated and able to function properly. This is exceptionally important for high-performing luxury vehicles with powerful drivetrains. Failure to change your oil could cause serious issues with your car’s engine down the road.  

Tire Rotations 

As the only point of contact between your car and the ground, tire maintenance is extremely important in any vehicle—especially a powerful luxury car that really puts its tires through the paces. Regular tire rotations every six months will help ensure even wear on your tires throughout their lifespan.  

Brake Services 

Another crucial element of routine maintenance is brake service. For a powerful engine, quality brakes are necessary to ensure a safe driving experience. Brake service should be performed twice yearly, even if it’s simply a visual inspection of the brake pads, calipers, and rotors.  

Regular Details 

While the moving parts are obviously the most important features of a vehicle, a luxury car also comes with a luxury interior that should be well-maintained. You can preserve the lifespan of your pre-owned Lexus by giving it regular thorough details that will keep the inside and outside in fantastic condition.  

Whether you need a full detail or a simple tire rotation, our Florida Lexus dealership can handle all your service needs. Call or schedule your next service visit online today!