At Lexus of Orange Park, we know that buying a new luxury car is a big commitment. That’s why we offer plenty of affordable lease options for both new and pre-owned Lexus cars.  

If you’re been wondering how to get behind the wheel of that luxury sedan you’ve been eyeing, our Florida Lexus dealership can help. Here’s a guide to the best Lexus cars to lease next year.  

What Goes Into a Lexus Lease? 

When you purchase a new vehicle, you typically get a loan from the bank to finance the car, which you then pay off over the life of the loan term. Once the loan is paid off, the car is yours.  

With a Lexus lease, you can simply pay to formally rent the vehicle of your choice for a designated period of time. When your lease term is up, the car can be returned or swapped with a newer model—whichever you prefer.  

Benefits to Leasing a Lexus Car 

Many drivers find leasing beneficial because the payments are lower than if you were to purchase the same car. Leases also typically have great maintenance and warranty packages.  

Another perk of leasing is that you can always stay up to date on the latest technology and drivetrains. If you find yourself wanting a new car every year or two, a lease from Lexus of Orange Park may be the perfect choice for you.  

Best Lexus Model to Lease 

When it comes to which Lexus model you should choose for your next lease, our personal favorite is the 2022 Lexus RX. This compact luxury SUV features a sleek exterior design, several seating configurations, and even a hybrid powertrain for the most fuel-efficient of drivers.  

Ready to get started with your new Lexus lease? Visit our dealership today to learn more!