If you’ve driven by or visited our Lexus dealership in recent weeks, then you know we have a large selection of new Lexus cars for sale and that we maintain a generous inventory of pre-owned Lexus vehicles. We’re proud of the luxury vehicles we sell and we know the people who buy them are, too.

Because we want you to always be proud of your Lexus vehicle, we try to provide advice about how you can take good care of your premium car every so often. One piece of advice we hope you’ll take to heart is to avoid neglecting your automobile’s battery.

That phrase “out of sight, out of mind” applies to a number of things in our lives—including what’s under the hood of our vehicles. Your battery is one of the most important aspects to your car or SUV, but many often forget to keep an eye on it. We’re here to remind you that taking proper care of your battery will lead to a longer, healthier life.

For starters, if your battery is three years-old or older, it’s particularly important for you to give your battery some extra TLC. All batteries give out at one point or another, but you can stay ahead of the game by giving it the attention it needs.

A simply inspection it all it takes to see if your battery is doing okay. If you see any corrosion on the cables or battery, feel free to wipe it clean. If you’re uncomfortable doing so, our technicians are happy to take care of that. Corrosion can actually negatively affect the performance of your battery, which is why we encourage routine checks.

Also at our Lexus service center near St. Augustine, FL, our mechanics are able to check the electrolyte level, charge, and overall condition of your battery. If a new one is needed, our team is happy to suggest battery recommendations from our parts center.

Would you like more tips for caring for your car battery all year long? If so, contact Lexus of Orange Park today.