Each of the parts in your vehicle serves an important role, although some are especially crucial. These are a few of the essential Lexus parts that you need to ensure are functioning efficiently. If they aren’t, it’s time to order new parts at Lexus of Orange Park.

Your Battery

A battery is one of the most important parts of your vehicle. It gives your vehicle the power it needs to start. A battery is designed with a limited lifespan, however, so it’s important to have yours regularly tested to ensure it’s reliable.

Your Engine

We all know a properly-functioning engine is a must. However, did you know that your engine requires regular maintenance? It’s important to routinely replace your engine oil and filter to keep your engine functioning efficiently.

Your Brakes

There’s no doubt about it — if your brakes aren’t working properly, your vehicle is unsafe. Brakes require routine service, including brake pad replacements. You want to keep a watchful eye on them too, to make sure you aren’t causing undue wear.


If you’ve ever faced a flat tire you know, the health of your tires is crucial. Without properly inflated tires and routine tire rotations, you’ll cause undue damage and may face flats more than necessary. You also need to regularly check the treads to make sure they give you the traction you need.


Of this list, you’ll likely need a lightbulb replacement more than any other. After all, lightbulbs have a limited lifespan and will almost certainly burn out, at some point. However, having working lights is essential to see, and be seen, at night.

Contact our Lexus dealership in Jacksonville, FL to get routine service to help protect your auto parts — or to order new parts when a replacement is due. Reach out today!