A Lexus oil change is an essential part of caring for your vehicle. Your owner’s manual includes the ideal schedule for your specific car or SUV. However, if you notice any of these warning signs, we encourage you to schedule a visit sooner than later with Lexus of Orange Park.

Your Engine is Knocking

Your engine oil is used to lubricate your engine parts and keep them from rubbing together too harshly. This also minimizes engine noise. So, if you hear your engine making a knocking noise, it’s likely due to your engine oil becoming too thin or worn, and expensive repairs could be in your future.

Your Engine Oil has an Unusual Color or Texture

Typically, engine oil has a warm honey color and a thin, viscous consistency. As it ages, it can accumulate contaminants, making it darker and thicker in consistency. So, when you regularly check your engine oil, you shouldn’t just check its level, but inspect its appearance, too.

Your Vehicle Vibrates When Idling

Anytime you leave your vehicle running while it’s not in motion, your vehicle is idling. Does your vehicle vibrate while you are idling? While this could be due to several issues, an overdue oil change could be the culprit.

Scheduling an Oil Change with Our Service Center

You can’t beat the care and convenience of an oil change at our Lexus service center. We offer a multitude of perks for scheduling your oil change with our team:

  • Lexus factory-trained technicians
  • Comfortable, Wi-Fi-equipped lounge to wait in
  • Transportation to and from your home/office available
  • Complimentary car wash
  • Café with your favorite beverages and snacks onsite

When your Lexus car or SUV needs an oil change, we can help. Contact our Jacksonville Lexus dealership to schedule an oil change today!