This month, the Lexus brand is launching an integrated marketing campaign centered on its December to Remember Sales Event. The campaign includes five commercials for the English-speaking market and variants of two of them, one of which will be translated for the Hispanic market and a second which will be geared toward the Asian-American market. Each commercial in the marketing campaign is designed to reawaken the love that adult consumers have for the holidays and get them to see the holiday season through the eyes of an excited child.

“The holidays are a magical time for children, but this year’s campaign reminds everyone, regardless of age, that they’re never too old to wish,” said Brian Smith, Lexus vice president of marketing. “Kids have a lifeline to Santa that adults can’t touch, and these spots offer a genuine yet humorous take on families working together so everyone can have a December to remember.”

Everyone at our Florida Lexus dealership is eager to see these commercials air throughout this year’s holiday season. One of the commercials is entitled, “Forgery.” In this spot, a young boy walks into a room to find his parents using a red crayon to write a letter to Santa in what looks like the handwriting of a child. The parents’ letter to Santa is actually a request for a new Lexus automobile. The son lets his parents proceed with their undertaking only after they agree to include a request for a puppy in their letter. The commercial ends with the child chasing a puppy around the Lexus automobile the adults requested on Christmas morning.

Like the rest of us, you’ll have to wait to see the story line in the other commercials until they start airing this month. In the meantime, we invite you to visit our Lexus dealership to see our inventory of vehicles. That’s because we have Lexus cars for sale that will brighten up your holiday season and reignite your childlike love for the holidays. Stop by Lexus of Orange Park today.