While cars generally don’t command as much of your attention as they did decades ago when it comes to routine maintenance, it doesn’t mean you can ignore caring for your car all together. When you look at your owner’s manual, you may find it overwhelming. Most manuals have a long list of service reminders that make it seem like you’re going to spend every waking moment sitting in a waiting area as an automotive technician works on your automobile.

Even though every tidbit of information in your owner’s manual was put there because it’s important, some pieces of information are more important than others. Whether you own a new Lexus car or one of our pre-owned Lexus vehicles, there are four things you should never overlook when comes to the routine maintenance your automobile needs – your oil, air filter, brake pads, and tires.


Oil is often described as your car’s “life blood.” While that comparison is a bit misleading, it does adequately underscore the important role oil plays in keeping your automobile running the way it should.

Oil is the substance that keeps your engine’s moving parts working smoothly. As time passes and you put miles on your odometer, oil becomes contaminated with debris and it loses its viscosity. These things make it impossible for the oil to keep your engine lubricated and protect its parts from excessive wear and tear.

Given oil’s critical role, it’s necessary that you keep up with the regular oil changes that are recommended in your owner’s manual. Remember to have your oil filter changed whenever you have your oil changed.

Air Filter

Two things heavily influence how often you’ll need to have your air filter changed: how many miles you drive and the conditions in which you operate your vehicle. Even though those things may cause you to change your air filter more often, your owner’s manual has recommendations about when you should change your air filter in miles and time. If you don’t follow these recommendations or change your air filter more often and your air filter gets clogged as a result, it can reduce the number of miles you get per gallon, negatively affect your horsepower, and cause your engine to stall.

Brake Pads

Brake pads have a built-in wear indicator that will tell you when you need to replace them. The indicator is normally a metal tab that will cause a scraping sound when your brake pad gets worn down and the tab comes into contact with your rotor. When you hear this sound, bring your car into our Florida Lexus dealership to have your brake pads changed to ensure you stay safe on the road.


Similar to your brake pads, tires have a built-in wear indicator that’s referred to as “tread.” When the tread on your tires is worn down to 1/16 of an inch, it’s time to get new tires. If you notice unusual wear patterns on your tires or they’re over the age mentioned in your owner’s manual, you may have to replace your tires even if they have more than 1/16 of an inch of tread left.

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