It doesn’t matter if you drive a brand new 2016 Lexus IS or one of our stylish, capable pre-owned Lexus vehicles, having the right kind of tires for your automobile is necessary for your vehicle to operate the way it was designed to.

Tires aren’t just important in the context of how your car performs. They’re also critical to your safety. Your tires are your vehicle’s only points of contact with the road. The tread on your tires is what enables them to grip the road when the weather is bad. Have you ever been caught in one of this area’s pop-up thunderstorms driving a vehicle that has worn tires? If so, then you know firsthand how important it is to have good tires that have little wear on your car.

Keeping your tires inflated at the proper level will help prevent them from wearing prematurely or unevenly and it can help prolong their working lives. If you’re unsure about whether your tires have the right level of air pressure, bring your automobile into our Lexus dealership in Jacksonville, FL. Our factory-trained technicians will make sure your tires have the right amount of air in them and they’ll also ensure that your tires have enough tread to keep you safe on the road.

If you think you might need new tires, you’re in luck because the Lexus brand’s Exclusive Tire Event is back this month! This means that you have until October 31, 2016 to save $100 when you buy four new tires from our Lexus dealership in a single transaction.

You’ll enjoy a number of benefits in addition to saving $100 when you purchase four tires from us this month. You’ll get tires that were made specifically for your vehicle, for instance. You also won’t have to wait to get your new tires because we have a full inventory of tires that are ready to be installed. You’ll enjoy the peace of mind that comes with receiving 24 months of road hazard coverage on your tires as well. Of course, you’ll also like that our Lexus-trained technicians, the people who know your car the best, will put your new tires on your automobile for you.

With our Exclusive Tire Event running through the end of this month, now is a great time to save on a full set of new tires for your car. Visit Lexus of Orange Park to enjoy the savings today.