Any motorist looking for a new Lexus car or SUV for sale won’t have to look beyond our Jacksonville, FL Lexus dealership. As you look through our inventory, you’ll see that well sell a variety of body styles, including sedans, SUVs, and coupes. While it’s great to have different body styles to choose from, it can be a challenge to select the one that’s best for you.

Thinking about the stage of life you’re in or the one you’ll be entering soon can help you choose the right body style. If you’re a parent or a professional who wants a vehicle that’s nimble enough to navigate easily on crowded city streets, you may want a sedan like the 2019 Lexus IS. Sedans have four doors and a backseat that can accommodate both car seats and tall passengers alike. Sedans also feature full-size trunks, which makes it simple to stow diaper bags or work materials out of sight.

SUVs appeal to a wide array of drivers in just about every stage of life. Parents, adventurous singles, and retirees who are eager to explore the country now that their kids are out of the house are often drawn to SUVs. Depending on the Lexus SUV you decide to buy or lease, your vehicle may have more seating than a sedan (select Lexus models seating for up to eight), and it will be able to transport more cargo. The Lexus LX 570, for example, offers a maximum 7,000-lb towing capacity and a total of 83.1 cubic feet of cargo room.

Motorists who don’t need to prioritize passenger or cargo room often have an interest in our premium coupes. Models like the 2019 Lexus RC only have two doors. Available with seating for two or four passengers, coupes are widely known for being a lot of fun to drive with the latest technology to boot.

To find the body style that’s right for you, visit Lexus of Orange Park today. We look forward to helping you soon!