We all know the importance of scheduling routine maintenance to care for our vehicles. But did you know there are different Lexus service tasks you should complete before the spring season starts?

Keep these tips from Lexus of Orange Park in mind.  

Inspect Your Air Conditioning System 

While it never gets too cold here, we all know it will get hot. Now is a great time to have your air conditioning system inspected to make sure it is working properly. You don’t want to wait for the real heat to set it.

Also, check if your cabin air filter needs to be replaced. If it gets too clogged, it can restrict air flow in your cabin and make it feel stuffy.  

Top Off Your Fluids 

Now is also an opportune time to top off the fluids under your hood. After all, without them at the proper level, your vehicle is bound to accrue a lot of undue damage.

Double-check in your owner’s manual too to see if it’s time to schedule one of these fluid changes as well:  

  • Engine oil 
  • Coolant 
  • Transmission fluid 
  • Brake fluid 
  • Power steering fluid 
  • Windshield wiper fluid 

Replace Your Windshield Wiper Blades 

We all know that we see a lot of rain in Jacksonville and it’s important that our windshield wiper blades are ready. Windshield wiper blades are composed of rubber, so they are degradable. We recommend you replace your windshield wiper blades at least once a year or sooner, if you notice they aren’t clearing your windshield completely.  

Need help getting your Lexus car or SUV spring-ready? We’re happy to help! Reach out to our Lexus dealership in Jacksonville, FL to schedule a service appointment today. Don’t wait – spring is almost here!