Will any type of fuel work for your Lexus vehicle, or does it require a specific octane? Our Lexus service experts always recommend using the appropriate fuel for your specific model to acquire the proper amount of mileage. Learn how to select the right gas type for your car when you visit Lexus of Orange Park.

How to Select the Right Fuel 

When it comes to choosing the right type of fuel, always refer to your vehicle’s owner’s manual, which will specify the recommended fuel type. Some drivers assume that all luxury models require premium fuel, but this isn’t always the case. Fuel requirements differ among luxury cars, especially when it comes to specific models and model years. 

For example, a pre-owned Lexus ES 300 won’t require premium fuel and can operate well using regular unleaded fuel with an 87-octane rating. On the other hand, a newer Lexus IS 300 model may require premium octane-91 fuel. 

How Important is Correct Fuel Selection? 

If your car requires regular unleaded fuel and you use premium gasoline, it won’t harm your vehicle in any way. However, you may be wasting money.

If your car requires premium fuel and you use regular unleaded, it’s not completely detrimental. However, you may get slightly less gas mileage, and your car may be more at risk of pre-ignition. 

Pre-ignition causes fuel to ignite prematurely, leading to engine knock. Modern cars are designed to recalibrate their engines to avoid pre-ignition, but it may still occur if you consistently use regular fuel. Even so, long-term engine damage is unlikely. 

Visit Lexus of Orange Park to see our inventory of Lexus cars. Each model will have its respective fuel needs, which we can tell you all about.