When it comes to car health, most drivers focus their attention on what’s under the hood, namely the engine and transmission. However, the suspension is another component that deserves equal attention.

At Lexus of Orange Park, we have the Lexus parts in Jacksonville, FL you need to repair your vehicle’s suspension. 

What is the Suspension?

Most motorists are aware that the suspension consists of the undercarriage, but that’s usually the extent of their knowledge. The suspension is quite complex and made up of dozens upon dozens of parts.

Some of the more notable suspension components include the springs, shock absorbers, ball bearings, and steering system. The tires are also considered part of the suspension. 

Signs of Suspension Problems 

Due to the location of the suspension, DIY diagnosis can be difficult. However, your car will usually give you signs when something is wrong with an undercarriage part. Be on the lookout for these signs: 

  • Your vehicle dips or nosedives when you come to a full stop. This is a sign of worn shocks. 
  • Your car pulls to one side even when the steering wheel is straight. This points to either a faulty steering system or tire alignment issues. 
  • When parked, your car is noticeably lower on one side or corner. If all your tires are properly inflated, then there may be an issue with that side of your vehicle’s suspension. 
  • Your car continues to bounce for several seconds after driving through a pothole or speedbump. This may be a sign of worn shocks or leaf springs. 

Bring your Lexus vehicle to our dealership if you notice any of the aforementioned signs. We perform suspension repair on all Lexus models, including the Lexus NX 300 and more.