Out of all the Lexus parts that make up your vehicle, your car battery is definitely one of the most important. When it comes to understanding what your battery actually does, our team at Lexus of Orange Park is here to help.

Our Lexus service team has put together this guide to help you better understand your battery’s duties.  

Car Battery Replacements

Though it ranges from model to model, your car battery will typically last about four years. Surprisingly, mileage doesn’t significantly affect the life of your battery, since it will continue to age even if it’s just sitting in your garage.

Some of the key factors that affect your battery’s life are the weather and your driving habits. Extreme heat, humidity, and other inclement weather can age your vehicle’s battery, which is why Florida drivers need to keep an eye on the batteries during the summer.

As a rule, our Lexus service team recommends testing your battery every year just to be safe.   

Signs of a Failing Car Battery 

You will know when it’s time to replace your car battery when you can spot warning signs. Some drivers don’t really know what to look for, so here are some of the most common indicators that your car battery needs to be replaced: 

  • Visible battery corrosion  
  • Car acceleration and ignition problems
  • Low battery fluid levels
  • Check engine light

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