Do you own an EV from Lexus of Orange Park and are looking for places to charge? When it comes to convenience, nothing beats installing anelectric vehicle charging station at home. This guide helps you determine exactly what you need to get started.

Types of Charges

There are three main options for charging electric vehicles. Each provides different benefits and levels of charging.

  • Level 1 charger – a 120-volt charger that plugs into any household outlet. It charges up to five miles of range per hour.
  • Level 2 charger – the 240-volt charger can be found at a public charging station or installed at home. It can completely charge your vehicle overnight.
  • Level 3 charger – the DC fast-charging charger, typically only found in public charging stations, can charge your vehicle in less than half an hour.

How Do I Install a Home Charger Station?

As we mentioned, you can easily use a Level 1 charger anywhere. However, with a Level 2 charger, you can charge much more quickly. And, what beats the convenience of charging while you sleep? It’s important to have a licensed electrician install a Level 2 charger in your home to make sure that your home can accommodate it.

Where Do I Install it?

Typically, drivers opt to install their charger in their garage. However, if you don’t have the space, there are still weatherproof, lockable storage options for chargers that ensure it stays safe and secure outdoors. If you anticipate moving in the near future, make sure you discuss options that are easily transferable.

Our Lexus dealership in Orange Park, FL has a multitude of electric vehicles to choose from and we are proud to be your go-to in caring for your Lexus EV. Reach out to us today with whatever you need — we’re happy to help!