While many motorists know what to look for during a test drive – blind spots, standard features, and responsiveness – some drivers don’t know that a test drive actually starts long before they arrive at the dealership. It begins with some preparation you can do right at home.

It’s wise to make a list of the features and capabilities you want or need your potential vehicle to have. This can include anything from a third-row seat and navigation to heated front seats. Putting together the list prior will prevent you from wasting time by test driving a vehicle that doesn’t meet your requirements. It also allows our Lexus dealers to pair you with the best-suited models.

Although we’re more than happy to accommodate motorists for a walk-in test drive at our car dealership serving Fruit Cove, FL, it’s usually recommended to make an appointment. That way, you can be sure a dealer cuts out the time to assist you and has the vehicle or vehicles you’re interested in ready for when you arrive.

Similarly, it’s important to come on a day when you have ample time. The test drive is often the last part when determining if a vehicle is a perfect fit, so you want to be sure you’re not rushed when coming to a decision. It’s also advisable to bring along your family if you travel with them often, whether it be on long trips or daily school pickups and drop-offs.

To learn what else you can do to prepare for a successful test drive, visit Lexus of Orange Park as soon as today! We look forward to helping you take home the Lexus of your dreams.