While you might think we’re talking about keeping a structure cool from the title of this blog post, we’re not. We’re actually going to provide some tips for keeping the cabin of your automobile cool when it’s scorching outside. Whether you drive a 2019 Lexus IS or an older model, keeping your vehicle’s cabin comfortable in the heat and summer sun is no easy feat if you live or work close to our Florida Lexus dealership near St. Augustine.

Although it may seem obvious, you’d be amazed by the number of area drivers who don’t leave their windows cracked during summer. By leaving your windows slightly open, some of the hotter air that’s trapped in your cabin will be able to escape. You can force even more hot air out by turning on a small solar-powered fan and letting it run whenever your automobile is parked.

If you can’t park under the cover of a tree or parking garage, you should invest in a sunshade. Despite their modest price, sunshades are highly effective at blocking the heat that radiates from the sun, which can help keep your cabin cooler. Park your vehicle facing the sun and get your sunshade into proper position with its reflective side facing inward.

When the sun beats down on a parked car, it can cause the surfaces in the cabin to become uncomfortably hot to the touch. To prevent that from happening, you should cover the surfaces in your car with a towel or blanket, including your seats, steering wheel, and dashboard. If you forgot to bring a towel, you can cool heated surfaces quickly by dampening them slightly with some water and a tissue or napkin and letting the water evaporate.

For more advice about keeping your cabin cool when you park during summer, swing by Lexus of Orange Park today.