As Lexus dealers near Daytona Beach, FL, we see it every year. The summer arrives and we get excited. Then, before we know it, summer fun begins to wind down as college students everywhere prepare to head to school. Whether you’re heading to college for the first time or you’re returning to the campus you left a few short months ago, we can help you buy or lease the vehicle you want.

You may think that your options will be limited because you’re a recent high school graduate or college student, but our finance experts are ready to help you reap the benefits of financing a vehicle through us. Financing a vehicle does more than enable you to buy one of our new or pre-owned Lexus vehicles. It gives you the chance to establish a credit history as well, something many recent graduates and college students haven’t had an opportunity to do.

How long you’ve had credit available to you is one of the factors that influences your credit score so getting a car loan at an early age can help you build an excellent credit score over time as long as you remain current with your loan payment and other credit obligations. Establishing a credit history now will make it easier for you to secure financing for things such as a home purchase in the future.

Even if you have the cash to pay for one of our new or pre-owned Lexus vehicles and you’ve already established a credit history, you can still benefit from financing your purchase. If you finance your automobile, you’ll have the chance to invest your money and earn a rate of interest that’s higher than what you’d pay on your car loan. If you’re able to do this, your savings would make money for you while still being available if you need extra money for any reason.

To learn more about the potential benefits of financing an automobile through Lexus of Orange Park, give us a call or stop by our convenient location on Blanding Boulevard to speak with one of our finance experts. We look forward to helping you secure financing whenever you’re ready to buy or lease a Lexus vehicle.