We’re happy that so many area drivers trust us to answer their questions throughout the year. While that’s the case, we’ve noticed that certain inquiries come up more than others around the holidays. Here are some of the questions we respond to often at our Jacksonville, FL Lexus dealership this time of year:

  • What can I get my significant other this holiday season? One of the new Lexus cars in our showroom would be perfect for your loved one! No matter what new Lexus model you decide to buy or lease for your special someone, don’t forget to get a big red bow to put on top of the automobile before you gift it.
  • Do you have any gift ideas if I don’t want to get my partner a vehicle? We sure do! Why don’t you surprise your partner with a Lexus accessory? You can choose the Lexus accessory your significant other will appreciate the most and make an appointment to have it installed in our Lexus service center near Valdosta, GA.
  • Can I take a break from routine maintenance during the holiday season? It’s never advisable to deviate too much from your routine maintenance schedule. As much as you may want to take a break, you should refrain. If you do fall behind with the maintenance your vehicle needs at any point, get caught up immediately so you don’t miss out on any of the benefits routine maintenance provides.
  • Will you have any specials running this holiday season? Yes, we sure will! To learn about our current and upcoming specials, contact our Jacksonville, FL Lexus dealership.

If you have a question that’s not included in the list provided above, get in touch with our Jacksonville, FL Lexus dealership so we can answer it for you now.