Whether you’re in the market for a pre-owned Lexus or a new car like the 2019 Lexus IS 300, you’re probably going to hear a lot about engines. It’s important for you to understand the different types that are available in today’s vehicles, as it may influence your purchasing decision.

In general, there are several kinds of engines that are often available in modern cars. The first is a gas powertrain. Gas engines are internal combustion engines that have multiple cylinders, often four, six, or eight. Controlled explosions occur in these cylinders when fuel and air are compressed and ignited by spark plugs. These tiny explosions are what provide the power to move a vehicle.

Gas engines are manufactured in a number of configurations, such as inline, boxer, rotary, or V-type. Gas engines are often noted for their handling, performance, and efficiency.

While some gas engines are quite efficient, vehicles that have a hybrid system or electric engine are even more so. Hybrid systems typically include a gas engine, an electric motor, which usually acts as a generator, and a battery.

Electric automobiles operate solely on the electricity supplied by the car’s battery. This means these vehicles don’t have an engine or tailpipe. Electric cars are typically celebrated because they don’t release any harmful emissions and they only require electricity to run.

Like gas engines, diesel engines are internal combustion. Diesels don’t use spark plugs to ignite fuel and air to produce power. Instead, they rely on compression to burn air and fuel to produce the power that’s necessary to move an automobile.

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