Are you looking to buy quality Lexus parts near Jacksonville, FL? The best place to shop is right here at Lexus of Orange Park.

Whether you’re looking to upgrade your ride or replace a worn-out component, here are some of the best parts to upgrade your new Lexus car.   

Tires and Rims

By far, the most common parts to replace on your vehicle are your tires. Tires will typically experience the most wear and tear since they constantly make contact with the road.

As a result, you’ll need to replace your tires if they go flat or experience too much wear and tear. Replace them with tires suited to the weather, like winter tires, or to your driving habits, like all-terrain tires.  

Brakes, Brake Pads, and Rotors

As you drive, your brake system will wear down over time, making it less efficient. Before it’s time to overhaul the system completely, you might find that replacing your brake pads and rotors is sufficient enough to improve performance.  


Over time, the shocks on your Lexus will start to wear down, resulting in a bumpier or rougher feeling when you drive. To get a smoother driving experience, it might be time to replace your shocks. When you replace them, you can upgrade to high-performance shocks that offer more resistance.

Floor Mats and Cargo Organizers

Prevent the interior of your vehicle from accumulating grime and dirt with floor mats. Swap out your standard floor mats and consider buying cargo mats and organizers to take advantage of all the available space in your new Lexus car.   

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