We hope that people who live or work near our Jacksonville, FL Lexus dealership know they should look through our new car inventory whenever they’re searching for Lexus cars for sale. We have all the latest Lexus models in our inventory, and we’ll be happy to help you find the luxury model that will support your lifestyle the best.

While we do have a considerable new car inventory at our Florida Lexus dealership, there is one thing we don’t have. And that’s the first-ever Lexus jet. For now, you’ll have to settle for seeing the Lexus brand’s first jet on the silver screen as you watch what’s sure to become a blockbuster, “Men in Black: International.”

The Lexus QZ 618 Galactic Enforcer jet makes its world debut in the new feature film. As you’ll see, the jet morphs into form from a 2020 Lexus RC F when an MIB agent pushes the appropriate button. The Lexus brand’s jet is the most powerful IFO, or Identified Flying Object, designed by Lexus engineers. It’s also the only Lexus vehicle that’s offered in the universe’s darkest shade of black, Umbra Black.

“The Lexus jet reflects the future of the Lexus brand – the far, far distant future,” said Lisa Materazzo, vice president of Lexus marketing. “With the most advanced alien-fighting technology, performance, and sophisticated styling, it’s in a class of its own.”

“The Lexus RC F sports coupe and QZ 618 Galactic Enforcer jet provide the perfect vehicles for our team of Men in Black agents as they protect the galaxy,” said Jeffrey Godsick, EVP, Brand Management and Global Partnerships, Sony Pictures Motion Picture Group.

Even though we don’t have a Lexus jet for you to buy or lease—yet—we do have a full inventory of new Lexus automobiles for you to choose from. Shop with Lexus of Orange Park today.