If you’re looking for a new Lexus car that’s also pet friendly, we invite you to visit our Lexus dealership serving Valdosta, GA. When you arrive, you’ll see that we have the latest Lexus models in our new car inventory.

While pet owners may want their cars to have certain features depending on the type of animal they have, automobiles that are considered pet-friendly often share some common characteristics.

Even if they don’t automatically come with a vehicle, many pet parents prefer to have heavy-duty floor mats and seat covers in their automobiles. Some may even want a liner for their vehicle’s cargo area as well. If you want these accessories to make your automobile pet friendly, you can order them from our Lexus parts center near Fruit Cove, FL now.

Comfortable seats are also a good aspect to have if you often travel with pets. The type of seat your dog or cat will consider comfortable often depends on their size. While small dogs may prefer nesting in a bucket seat, larger dogs may prefer bench-style seating that allows them to stretch out without any bumps underneath them.

A lot of pet-friendly vehicles have rear-facing air ducts, too. Rear air ducts are normally found on the back of a car’s center console, although you can sometimes find them on the sides of a vehicle’s roof pillars. If you travel with your animals when it’s extremely hot or cold outside, having rear air ducts will help you maintain your car at a temperature that’s comfortable and safe for your pets.

If you want to own or lease a pet-friendly luxury vehicle, we encourage you to visit our Lexus dealership. We’ll help you find and finance a premium automobile your pets will enjoy riding in as much as you like driving it. Stop by Lexus of Orange Park today.