Whether you’re just starting your credit history or have hit a few rough patches, you can still finance a Lexus with less-than-great credit. Follow these tips, then come to Lexus of Orange Park and talk to our finance team about credit and financing today!

Documenting Income

Having well-documented income is a great way to offset poor credit during the application process. If you can clearly show your income is enough to afford the monthly payment with pay stubs or tax returns, you’re more likely to be approved as a good bet. In general, your financier is looking for one strong source of income.

Debt and Credit

Debt is as important to making a good impression as income. Calculate your debt-to-income ratio to find out how much your outstanding debt compares to your income; if it’s below 45%, you’re more likely to be approved for a loan. If you’ve recently paid off debt and it’s not reflected yet in your credit report, bring proof of your payment to the meeting.


Of course, the simplest way for someone with less-than-great credit to be approved for a lease is to get a cosigner. A cosigner will be as responsible for the loan as you are, however, so make sure it’s someone you can communicate with clearly. However, since cosigning is a big commitment, you may want to focus on improving your solo application instead.

Apply for Lexus Financing in Orange Park, FL

At Lexus of Orange Park, we’re committed to finding the perfect new Lexus car for every driver, no matter their credit. Come down to Lexus of Orange Park and find out more about applying for Lexus financing today!