Thinking about buying a pre-owned Lexus but are worried about buying a previously-owned car? Our team at Lexus of Orange Park can help you understand the multiple benefits of buying a pre-owned vehicle when you visit our dealership.  

Affordable Purchase Price

By far the most attractive reason to buy a pre-owned vehicle is the affordable price point. You could potentially save tens of thousands of dollars by buying pre-owned, so your budget might allow you to get a model with premium features instead of a new, base model vehicle. 

Lower Depreciation Rates

When you drive a new car off the lot of a dealership, it begins to depreciate. New cars have a very quick depreciation rate compared to pre-owned vehicles. Since they’ve already taken that first depreciation hit, pre-owned cars have a much slower rate of depreciation.   

Lower Insurance Costs and Fees

The cost of your registration and insurance are both based on the purchase price of your vehicle. Therefore, purchasing a vehicle at a lower price point means you’ll spend less on insurance and registration fees. Ultimately, you’re saving a lot of money on your monthly payments when you buy a pre-owned Lexus car.  

Complete Background and History

You don’t have to worry about your vehicle’s history when you buy from our dealership. Every pre-owned vehicle in our inventory comes with a vehicle history report that provides a full picture of the vehicle’s past owners, accidents, and upgrades.

Plus, we conduct multi-point inspections of our pre-owned vehicles to make sure they are reliable before we sell them to you.  

Buy a Pre-Owned Lexus Today 

Still have questions about buying a pre-owned Lexus? Pay a visit to our Lexus finance center to learn about the financial gains you’ll enjoy by buying pre-owned.