It doesn’t matter if you drive a 2017 Lexus IS or one of our reliable, stylish pre-owned Lexus vehicles. The most effective way for you to avoid costly repairs is to follow your car’s routine maintenance schedule. It’s also the smartest thing you can do to keep your repair costs as low as possible. AAA estimates that a typical driver could save an average of $100 per service appointment simply by adhering to their automobile’s routine maintenance schedule.

According to AAA, one out of three motorists in the United States, or 64 million drivers, are unable to pay for an unexpected automotive repair without going into debt. AAA says the average repair bill in America is between $500 and $600. To avoid having to take on debt, AAA encourages drivers to save $50 per month in an account that’s dedicated to paying for vehicle repairs.

Even though repairs cost an average of $500-$600, the cost can be significantly greater for repairs performed on vehicles that aren’t properly maintained. A recent study conducted by AAA showed that one-third of motorists in the United States skip or put off routine maintenance. Doing this increases the likelihood that you’ll experience a mechanical failure. It also increases the chances that you’ll break down on the road. In 2016, AAA received almost 32 million calls for help from people who were stranded on the road.

“Anticipating your vehicle’s needs before problems strike is important,” said John Nielsen, AAA’s managing director of Automotive Engineering and Repair. “While it may seem that skipping maintenance and repairs can save money in the short term, staying on top of car care can save drivers hundreds of dollars in the long run.”

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