Drivers looking for Lexus cars for sale won’t have to look anywhere but our Jacksonville, FL Lexus showroom to find the latest Lexus models. If you want a Lexus crossover that handles the road like a confident sedan, the 2020 Lexus NX is sure to pique your interest.

The new Lexus NX is offered as a gas-only crossover and a hybrid vehicle. In gas-only form, the crossover is available in two trims, base and F Sport. The turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine powers both trims. Front-wheel drive is standard, but many drivers opt to get the optional all-wheel drive system for some additional traction.

As Lexus dealers serving Valdosta, GA and surrounding areas, we always do our best to ensure motorists pick the car that’s best for them. With that in mind, we encourage people to try every seat in a given vehicle during a test drive to make sure they’re comfy and roomy enough for their purposes. When they slip into the second row of the Lexus NX, drivers are inevitably impressed by how much space is allotted for second-row passengers.

Just how they’re wowed by all the room in the second row, many motorists are blown away by the crossover’s advanced safety equipment. The vehicle’s adaptive cruise control will monitor the cars around you to automatically adjust your traveling speed to maintain a safe distance from other automobiles. The lane departure warning and intervention system will help you stay within the confines of your lane unless you indicate you’re going to move into another one. The vehicle’s forward collision warning and mitigation system will help you avoid accidents and minimize the impact if you’re involved in one.

To experience what else it has to offer, visit Lexus of Orange Park to check out the 2020 Lexus NX today!