At Lexus of Orange Park, we’re not just Lexus dealers near Palm Coast, FL, we’re also parents, brothers, sisters, friends, and professionals. In other words, we wear a lot of hats just like you do. And we know that the last thing you want to worry about when you’re looking for Lexus cars for sale is whether the vehicle you’ve come to love can actually accommodate a car seat or two.

While you may not want to worry about that, it’s an important consideration for people who have young children and for those who think they may start a family in the future. When it comes to the 2017 Lexus LX 570, you don’t have to worry about whether the capable SUV can accommodate one or two car seats because you can put three in its wide second row alone. Believe it or not, you can fit another two car seats in the SUV’s third row!

The 2017 Lexus LX 570 isn’t just prepared to handle the needs of parents with young children, it’s ready to tackle all facets of your life. Want to take a road trip with your adult friends? This SUV has enough comfortable seating for eight grown-up passengers. Want to go camping with your family or spend the day on the water in your boat? The new Lexus LX 570 can tow up to 7,000 pounds when the SUV is appropriately equipped.

Are you planning to visit friends or family members in an area that experiences inclement weather regularly? You don’t have to wait for the weather to clear when you drive a 2017 Lexus LX 570. This SUV is powered by a 5.7-liter, eight-cylinder engine that’s matched with a standard eight-speed automatic transmission. Four-wheel drive is standard as well, giving the SUV the sure-footedness drivers want when the weather makes driving more challenging than it usually is. For additional peace of mind, the Lexus LX 570 also comes with hill start assist, crawl control, and a driver-selectable system for different kinds of terrain.

Of course, the 2017 Lexus LX 570 also has the safety and special features you expect new Lexus automobiles to have. If you’re ready to see how well-equipped the Lexus LX 570 is to handle every aspect of your life – from transporting your kids, to getting you and your co-workers to the office, to accommodating a bunch of your adult friends – visit Lexus of Orange Park today.